Who Are Vacuum Trucks Beneficial To? A Larger Population Than You Might Think

A worker operates a vacuum pump truck to clear debris from a storm drain

At first glance, you may think that vacuum trucks are only useful in a niche industry. For example, many may think of a portable toilet vacuum pump truck which is used to service portable toilets at outdoor events and other venues. Or you may think of a truck used for clearing out grease traps at a restaurant. However, the usefulness and versatility of vacuum trucks deserves a closer look!

Vacuum trucks can be deployed in many areas, and have become a popular tool among municipalities, public works, oilfield, construction, and more! If you have been considering adding a vacuum truck to your business, keep reading to learn what benefits that await. A few might surprise you!



If you own a construction company, using a vacuum truck could be very helpful, especially in specific scenarios. For example, hydro excavation trucks are ideal for breaking up soil while still using the powerful vacuum system that removes any debris into the tank for later disposal. Hydrovacs are cost effective and bring about a new layer of precision to your work efforts. Also, as another bonus, hydro excavation does not cause damage to underground utilities.

Industrial vacuum trucks can also help in the realm of construction by aiding with soil trenching, removing any debris, cold weather digging, and piling hole excavation. Since many feature wet and dry capabilities, this is also a great way to clean up large amounts of dust, such as that left behind from sawing or cutting large quantities of concrete or wood.


Oilfield Industry

It is no secret that working in the gas and oil industry is a messy job filled with ample time around sticky and staining substances. However, industrial vacuum trucks can come in handy here, too! In fact, vacuum trucks can actually help dispose of any water that is produced from hydraulic fracturing. So if you’re in the oil and gas industry and you’re looking to decrease downtime and increase revenue, a vacuum truck is a great addition to your fleet.


Major Spill Clean Up

Major messes call for some serious assistance. In times of big spills, your regular old shop vac isn’t going to cut it. If you’re a city planner or in a similar position, consider investing in an industrial vacuum truck for municipal use. Messes are going to happen, including things such as fluid spills on roadways or in public areas and in most cases, these trucks are equipped to handle both wet and dry materials. Excess water, various waste, clean up efforts: you name it, and odds are good that an industrial vacuum truck is right for the job. 

Not only that, but a vacuum truck will ensure that you are transporting the material out and away safely and securely. This means that you know that the work is not only getting done, but it’s being done correctly. The last thing you want is to make another mess during the transportation process. 


Disaster Clean Up

Natural disasters are inevitable, and no matter where in the world you live, you are geographically exposed to one natural phenomenon or another: tornados, flooding, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, etc. More often than not, these disasters can be devastating and leave behind massive messes in their wake. If you work in a government position, and you’ve tried your best to spearhead clean up efforts in the past, you know just how taxing and difficult it can be.

The next time your region is faced with a disaster, be prepared by investing in a vacuum truck in advance. As far as clean up efforts go, a combination portable toilet vacuum pump truck can prove to be a powerful asset. They can not only remove debris quickly while using less manual labor, but they are also the only equipment that is specifically designed to help remove any debris from areas such as catch basins or storm drains. These can become clogged and cause flooding, which only in turn adds to the severity of the natural disaster and slows down rescue or aid efforts.

Water rushes to a storm drain after a heavy rainstorm


Rescue Efforts

Speaking of rescues, you have likely never thought of a vacuum truck existing with the likes of Superman or Spiderman, but actually, this specific piece of industrial equipment can be an unsung hero when it comes to rescue operations. As mentioned before, they can help with cleanup post disaster, but during events such as a building collapse or trench cave-ins, vacuum trucks serve a monumental purpose in aiding rescue teams. By clearing away debris, vacuum trucks can make room for search and rescue crews. During operations like this, timing is everything, and getting people to safety as quickly and effectively as possible will save more lives in the long run. 

Not only that, but in instances prior, vacuum trucks have actually been able to assist with helping get animals safely out of storm drains and catch basins. Kittens, birds, raccoons, even an alligator a time or two! With the water and other debris removed, rescue crews can save even the tiniest creatures and get them back to their natural habitats. 


Count on FlowMark

While initially designed for the portable toilet and grease trap industry, vacuum trucks have evolved over the years. Now with a huge breadth of possibilities and uses available, it is no wonder that they are becoming more and more common across various industries. 

If you’re ready to purchase a vacuum truck, it’s time to buy the best one on the market and make your purchase from FlowMark. We take a lot of pride in our work and strive to bring you the best product available. Whether you’re using it for servicing septic tanks or portable restrooms, or you are clearing away grease from a restaurant, or even helping rescue animals from storm drains, we want you to do it in one of our Kansas City-made vacuum trucks.

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