Wanting to Grow Your Septic Service Business? 6 Industry Tips You Need to Know

Two septic pump trucks parked side by side

When it comes to owning and operating a septic service business, it is important to set goals. Many businesses strive for growth, as this typically directly translates into more money going into the company. However, growing a company and a clientele list is always easier said than done. That is why it is vital to make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward and staying focused.

Today, we want to take a moment to share some industry tips that could give you a leg up. Maybe a few you have thought about before, others might seem brand new. For example, have you considered switching up your mindset? What about investing in a quality fleet of septic pump trucks from FlowMark? Keep reading to learn more!


Tip #1: Mindset is Everything

There is an old adage that goes ‘the grass is green where you water it’ and that couldn’t be more true. If you want growth, you have to put in the time and effort to do your best with what you have right now. As we’ll touch on shortly, having the right people and equipment is vital, but if the leadership isn’t where it needs to be, the rest will seem moot. Keep tabs on your mindset and make sure that you are taking care of the people around you. 


Tip #2: Value Employee Input

Of course customer feedback is important, but don’t skip over the benefit of hearing from your employees, too. As the owner, you can’t be everywhere at once, as much as you wish that were the case. Schedule a team meeting at least once a month, if not more. This will provide everyone an ample opportunity to provide feedback as well as present new thoughts and ideas. 

For example, is there something that is missing from training? Is there an easier way to streamline an in office process? What about maintenance on the septic pump trucks, is everyone up to speed on what to do? This kind of communication is the backbone of a successful business and will contribute to growth in the long run. 


Tip #3: Stay Organized

Organization can go a long way in helping you grow. Think about it: if you are out of sorts and are missing service calls from clients or are forgetting to invoice for jobs you’ve already done, you are just creating roadblocks for yourself. While it might seem like rather basic advice, it is absolutely essential. Clients won’t come back if they feel like you are disorganized. It can take a huge toll on your credibility. 

Even if you are a very small business, don’t overlook the benefits of hiring a front office manager. This doesn’t have to be a full time position, at least not right out of the gate. A person in this type of role will help to keep phone calls, invoices, and payroll on schedule. 

An office employee works to organize filing cabinets and invoices

Tip #4: Hire the Right People

The hiring process can be daunting, that much is hardly a secret. Pouring over resumes and setting up interviews is time consuming. You want to make sure that you are recruiting individuals that not only meet all of the qualifications for the job, but also people who are a good fit for your team. This requires you to really take the time to talk to candidates and listen to the answers they give. 

When hiring, make sure that you find someone who wants to grow with the company. This is especially true if you are looking for someone to go into a supervisory role. A good leader will lead by example and create a strong team. 


Tip #5: Invest in Marketing Efforts

‘You have to spend money to make money’ is one of the golden rules behind the concept of marketing. Thanks to the ever evolving face of advertising and media, it is very important to have a marketing presence. This also adds to the credibility and legitimacy of your business. If a potential customer has never heard of you and they can’t find a website or read reviews about your services, odds are good that they will feel deterred. It goes without saying that this will certainly put a damper on growth. 

One way to do this is to make sure that you establish a brand. Create a nice logo design for everything you do and put it on trucks, envelopes, business cards, your website, etc. Work on establishing and building this brand. Plus, when your logo is on the side of your septic pump trucks, everyone who drives past will see the name and information of your company. This kind of marketing is invaluable! 


Tip #6: Purchase Quality Equipment

If you want to provide a reliable service, you need to make sure that you have reliable equipment. If there is one place you do not want to cut corners, it’s when purchasing your fleet of septic pump trucks. Good, quality machines are worth the price, as their longevity will save you more money at the bottom line. If you are replacing or repairing your equipment nonstop, not only does it come with a hefty dent in your wallet, it also slows down your ability to help customers. 

Where can you get the top of the line equipment you need to be successful? We’re so glad you asked: it’s time to make your next purchase from FlowMark. 


Purchase from FlowMark

American-made, built to last equipment is always worth the investment. Your vacuum truck is going to be the central tool you need for your septic service business and you want something that is going to get the job done right. Here at FlowMark, we have a high standard of excellence for every machine that we produce. Also, because we manufacture everything in house right at our Kansas City facility, we know our vacuum trucks inside and out. This means that our customer service is top notch. 

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