Want to Bring Your Business to the Next Level? 4 Reasons to Invest in a FlowMark Vacuum Truck

A vacuum truck parked at a job site

Purchasing any large piece of equipment for your business is a massive investment that you have to carefully contemplate. That is because buying large machinery comes with a whole host of questions: is this really going to be the best option for my business? Will it bring in more money than I’m paying for it? Will it be expensive to train my employees how to use it? As you click “yes” on that vacuum truck for sale ad, all of these questions and more are likely running through your brain. 

With a Flowmark vacuum truck for sale, though, you can rest assured that we’re providing you with a top-quality product that will no doubt help you to bring your business to the next level. Whether you’re working with a pumping company or even in construction, a Flowmark vacuum truck can help you to get the leg up on the competition. 

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you might be interested in a FlowMark vacuum truck for sale:


1. You can quickly expand your business

There are several ways that purchasing a Flowmark vacuum truck can immediately help you to grow and expand your business. If you hadn’t previously purchased a vacuum truck, having one in your fleet opens up a world of possibilities. Working in construction gives you an excellent reason to have a vacuum truck, as it makes job site cleanup more quick and efficient, allowing you to do more jobs more quickly than without the cleaning power of a vacuum truck. 

If you work for a pumping company, adding another vacuum truck to your fleet immediately increases your output. You’ll be able to take on more jobs for no additional hours, easily increasing your revenue stream. You might be amazed at how quickly one truck can increase your profits!

But that’s not all! Vacuum trucks also make excellent additions to fleets at oil fields, for underground repairs and excavations, for rescue teams, and more. Even if your company itself doesn’t have a hand in these different fields, companies potentially wanting to rent or lease your truck from you in these circumstances can quickly bring in an additional stream of revenue as vacuum trucks are a highly sought-after commodity. 


2. We can bring the right power for the right job – every time

FlowMark trucks are handcrafted with a job in mind: easily removing material from one place to move it to another. Whether that material is from a septic system or water and mud from an oil field, you can trust that a FlowMark vacuum truck can get it done and get it done right the first time. 

With a competent, well-trained operator, a FlowMark vacuum truck can help to remove material with an almost surgical precision. There’s no suctioning material out willy nilly – that could damage the container or structure. Instead, if you’ve got a trained person on staff, a FlowMark truck can help to give you a leg up in completing delicate jobs with no additional machinery or equipment required. 


3. FlowMark trucks have versatile uses

You might believe that a vacuum truck is only used for suctioning material from septic tanks or portable toilets, but that isn’t the case at all. You might be surprised at how many different fields have uses for vacuum trucks. 

In fact, one of the most surprising uses for a vacuum truck is at an oil field. When oil is pumped, the process puts out quite a bit of water and other ground material as the drill head moves down into the earth. Because of the massive amount of water, the ground can quickly become soaked and muddy, covered in the detritus of drilling, which can slow down the process significantly. If you have a vacuum truck, however, this can be avoided. A vacuum truck can help to suction the water and material as it emerges from the drill site, saving time and, ultimately, money for whatever drill site you’re working at. 

That’s not all! Vacuum trucks are also amazing for search and rescue operations as their suctioning capabilities can be used to suction smaller material out of the way to make room for a rescue team. While you may not be involved in a rescue operations unit, having a vacuum truck on hand makes you of vital importance in case an emergency arises. 

A vacuum truck servicing a portable restroom

4. We’re always going to give you a great product – guaranteed

FlowMark is proud of our product. We know that sometimes companies will try to pull the wool over their consumers’ eyes and cut corners on the quality of their products, but not us. Our team of engineers design each piece of a FlowMark vacuum truck from the ground up, allowing us to have full control over every vacuum truck that makes its way out onto the sales floor. Each one of our trucks is designed to last a lifetime with proper maintenance, but even if there is something that we missed, our industry-leading warranties will prove how serious we are about the quality of our product. 

You know that when you invest in a FlowMark vacuum truck, that you’re paying for a solid, quality product that your business will be able to use for decades to come. Our team doesn’t send out anything that we wouldn’t be proud to use ourselves. So, whether you’re purchasing a vacuum truck for the first time or you’re simply upgrading an old model, FlowMark will give you the best quality – guaranteed. 


FlowMark Stands Above the Rest

Not many people consider how vital a vacuum truck can be to their business until they’re in need of one and don’t have access to it. Whether you run a septic business or you’re involved in a specialized search and rescue team, having a vacuum truck in your ranks is going to be a lifesaver. 

If you’re interested in speaking with a professional about how a vacuum truck might be exactly what your business has been looking for, contact us for a quote and more information today!