Time is Money: 4 Ways to Cutback on Downtime at Your Pumping Business

A bag of money and an hour glass balance on a teeter totter

If there is one thing that business owners strive for, it’s to save money and run as efficiently as possible. This is especially true for small or family owned companies. If you are the owner-operator of a septic service business, you are aware of just how expensive a new vacuum truck for sale can be. Thanks to the cost of the equipment and the consistently rising prices due to inflation, you want to save in other areas whenever possible. However, that’s almost always easier said than done. One of the best solutions could be to minimize downtime on the job. 


The Cost of Downtime

When it comes to having too much downtime, it doesn’t just impact budget line items. In fact, it could even cost you in other ways, including damaging your reputation, hurting employee morale, and may actually lead to high turnover rates. Other than the equipment you need to run your business, there is nothing more expensive than having to go through the hiring process on a routine basis. 

While some lapses in productivity are bound to happen, there are a few things that can be done to keep them to a minimum. These preventive measures are absolutely necessary for functioning at your top capacity and in turn, bringing in the maximum amount of revenue.

Today, our team here at FlowMark have compiled a list of helpful tips that can help you to cut back on downtown at your pumping business. Continue reading to review this list as well as get a little more information about how you can add a FlowMark vacuum truck for sale to your fleet. 


Tip #1: Keep your maintenance up to date. 

There are few things as frustrating as experiencing a vacuum truck breakdown, especially once you find out it was something that was totally preventable. One of the best ways to save money in the long run is to make sure that all of your equipment stays up to date on maintenance and service. Incorporate and schedule maintenance and include items that are to be done monthly, weekly, and even daily. This attention to detail is imperative to extending the working life of your vacuum trucks. By skipping this step, you may find yourself on the market for a new vacuum truck for sale sooner than you previously expected! 

A vacuum truck driver checks off a to do list

Tip #2: Understand the basics of cybersecurity.

Did you know that small businesses are usually the primary target for cybersecurity crimes? This is because typically family owned companies don’t have the same level of security to protect their computers, accounts, and passwords from hackers that larger corporations do. If there is one thing that can throw a wrench in your usual business operations, it’s having your accounts frozen and taking the time to sort out fraud. 

In an effort to avoid this, educate your employees on the importance of being mindful of cyber crimes. Talk about fishy looking emails, receiving scam texts, and the value behind regularly changing passwords and pin codes. Even locally owned septic service companies can be a prime target for a scammer! Skip the headache and the downtime and educate yourself, and your employees, on the importance of cybersecurity.


Tip #3: Always have a back up plan.

In this day and age, it is no secret that we rely on technology to get things done. Vacuum truck drivers use their phones for GPS to get to a job site as well as communicate updates once there. Front office employees trust that their scheduling software will help them dispatch jobs and keep the accounting system functional. While this tech does keep things running smoothly, once it stops working, it can be extremely frustrating and cause operations to come to a screeching halt. 

That is why your business needs one key element: a back up plan.

While the when and where technology is going to fail can be rather unpredictable, you can still plan for multiple scenarios in advance. For example, come up with a system that will allow your front office staff to still be able to schedule service appointments even if their internet is temporarily down. When it comes to drivers, make sure they have a system for logging hours or miles even if their app isn’t connecting. Sure, it might make things a little slower, but it is better than being idle and experiencing long periods of downtime.


Tip #4: Talk with your employees.

If there is one resource that will be able to help you to identify gaps in processes that are slowing things down, it’s your team. It could be that they don’t have the tools or protocols in place that could help them do things more efficiently. Or, it might boil down to the fact that company morale is down and they are feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated. Having a sincere and honest conversation with your employees can really make a huge difference. 

Make sure that you approach this conversation with an open mind and be willing to accept constructive criticism. No one is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Plus, by taking the time to have that meeting and hear out your team, the more confident they will feel about coming to you about issues in the future. It is a win/win scenario all the way around.


Trust FlowMark

Another great way to cut down on downtime around your business is to invest in some of the best equipment on the market. Here at FlowMark, you won’t just find a run of the mill vacuum truck for sale – you are getting the best of the best. All of our machines are made right here in house in Kansas City. Not only that, but because we are a family owned business as well, we understand the value of shopping small and putting dollars into the local economy. 

If faulty equipment and frequent breakdowns have you losing time and money, then you are long overdue to make a purchase from FlowMark. Contact us today to get a free quote and find out more information about our vacuum trucks!