The Top 5 Reasons Municipalities Should Invest in Their Own Vacuum Truck Equipment

Becoming the owner of a vacuum truck is easier now than it ever has been before. All aspects of a community – from small business owners to city transportation services – are now investing in vacuum trucks because of their ease of use, efficiency, and multifaceted usage. 


It would also greatly benefit municipalities to purchase their own vacuum truck equipment. Not only would it provide an additional layer of support to cities who deal with a wide array of natural occurrences, but they would also add additional help and benefits to the day-to-day operations that take place in a city. After all, vacuum trucks are beneficial to more sectors than just sanitation. 


If you’ve been considering adding vacuum trucks to your vehicle fleet, here are some reasons why they might be beneficial: 


1. It’s cost-effective


Have you ever been to the car dealership to get your car fixed, and you’re shocked by the price? “The price of the part is only twenty-five dollars!” you may exclaim, but the labor attached to it could potentially be hundreds of dollars. The same principle is true for cities and city workers. 


Vacuum trucks, for example, are great at helping to excavate. They can easily vacuum up detritus and, if water is used to help aid in the excavation process, can easily assist with clean-up and water relocation. Using more traditional drilling and excavation processes, without the use of vacuum trucks, can result in tens – or hundreds – of hours more in labor costs for the workers needed to complete the job. 


By adding vacuum trucks to their fleet of machinery, they can cut costs by making things more efficient, saving people’s time and money. 


2. They’re multi-purpose


Many people believe that vacuum trucks are only useful for sanitation purposes, but that simply isn’t the case. Vacuum trucks have a wide array of uses that would be perfect for any city or municipality to have. Consider these options: 


  • Soil trenching: Laying cables for phone, lines and electrical lines can be extremely difficult, because the amount of work that it takes to dig the trenches could take hundreds of hours of labor. With a vacuum truck, though, that process could take a fraction of the time, making laying cables easier than ever before.
  • Sewer jetting: sewers can easily become full of junk and dirt, simply by nature of what they are. However, a dirty sewer or dirty sewer opening doesn’t allow for proper drainage. With a vacuum truck, you can easily clean away the dirt and debris that builds up in a sewer, making it easier to use and more effective for the community.
  • Debris removal: vacuum trucks are definitely an unsung hero when it comes to debris removal. After all, there’s a reason why vacuum trucks are so sought after during rescue operations. Vacuum trucks can easily remove dirt, debris, brush, and more from an affected area. You might be surprised at what they can actually handle.
  • Locating underground utilities: trying to locate underground utilities, a job in and of itself. Sometimes, the only way that you can find where you bury the utility line is to dig up the dirt and look for yourself. By using a vacuum truck, you can easily look under the dirt to find where you buried the line without having to spend hours of labor looking for it.

3. Efficient operation


When working on a major project, there isn’t a lot of additional time and wiggle room for equipment to be offline. Even if it’s for regularly scheduled and much-needed maintenance, machinery needs to be quickly operational again in order to maintain the efficiency of the job being performed. Vacuum trucks are amazing for this. 


After being cleaned, vacuum trucks don’t have to be taken back to the operation site. In no time at all, vacuum trucks can head right back to work the moment they’re through being cleaned. There is no additional work that needs to be done, no additional calibration that needs to happen (except during regular maintenance hours), and no additional steps to be taken. Vacuum trucks are ready to begin working again immediately, saving time and money. 


4. Utilizes recycled water


You might not know this, but many vacuum trucks feature a water recycler function. What this means is that during a job, the operator is able to use water that is already stored in the system to complete the job instead of having to refill the tank every single time. As a result, this means that the water runoff used for many different operations can be used again and again for different operations, saving time and energy while being eco-friendly. 


5. It’s a big investment, but a useful one


The only drawback to purchasing a vacuum truck is that vacuum trucks can be expensive. The specialized equipment and ready-to-use systems are pricey, and can cause a bit of sticker shock to those who haven’t previously done their research. 


What many people fail to realize, however, is the versatility of a vacuum truck. You can use vacuum trucks for excavation, sewage, debris clean-up, and a wide array of other useful ventures that many municipalities may find useful. This versatility and ease of use may be worth the high ticket price. Additionally, as long as you take proper care of your vacuum trucks in your fleet, they can last you for years on end. 


While the initial investment for vacuum trucks may be high, the payout and the usefulness they have cannot be understated. It’s an investment that will make a major difference in the quality and efficiency of your city’s work. 


Vacuum Trucks Are a Great Investment for Any Municipality


While the initial cost of purchasing vacuum trucks may be high, the benefits for adding even one into your city vehicle fleet are immense. The versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of vacuum trucks are a benefit to any municipality in the long run. Plus, with Flowmark’s incredible American-made vacuum trucks, you’re sure to have a quality vehicle for years to come. 

If you’re interested in seeing what benefits Flowmark can bring to your projects, contact us for a quote and more information today!