The Important Role of an Oilfield Vacuum Truck

An oilfield derrick at sunset

You might be surprised at how many industries a good, reliable vacuum truck can benefit. From construction, to search and rescue, to oilfield work, vacuum trucks have started cropping up in new industries worldwide. Vacuum trucks are no longer only for portable toilets and septic tanks

One of the fastest growing usages for vacuum trucks is in the oil field. An oilfield vacuum truck has become a staple in many different job sites for its versatility, its usefulness, and its cost-effectiveness, among other aspects. These trucks have firmly solidified their place as a vital member of any oil working fleet. 

But why is having an oilfield vacuum truck so important for business? The answer may just shock you!


Why a Vacuum Truck is Vital to Your Success at an Oilfield

Working in an oilfield is much more than simply extracting oil and gas out from the ground. This industry involves a whole process that depends on the sturdiness and reliability of oilfield vacuum trucks, because without them, it leads to a loss in product, revenue, and time. 



First, oil tanks and drilling mechanisms can become caked in sludge due to the drilling and collection process. If these machines are caked in gunk, they become less efficient which results in a loss of time and product. Additionally, the longer and more frequently that these machines stay caked in grime, the more likely they are to suffer damage from that buildup. After all, the intricate moving parts of machinery don’t exactly mesh well with mud and crude oil!

An oilfield vacuum truck is the solution to your problems in this sense. To clean your machinery, nothing is easier than removing the detritus with help from one of these massive, sturdy trucks. Once the majority of the gunk is removed, you’re more easily able to clean the large machinery quickly and efficiently. 



Cleaning isn’t the only benefit for using vacuum trucks at an oilfield, though. Many times, high-pressure water is used to help loosen the earth in order to dig down to the oil beneath. Using this water technique, though, is not exactly the tidiest method of drilling, and it produces a lot of water and mud as runoff which can cause a massive mess, delays, and harm to the neighboring ecosystem around it. 

By employing the use of a vacuum truck, you’re more easily able to clean the slurry and byproduct at the drilling or fracking site, making it a cinch to move the product to another location or to replace it in the site once the drilling process is done. 

An oilfield vacuum truck driving down a rural road


Knowing What Oilfield Vacuum Truck to Get

Knowing is half the battle, and knowing what kind of oilfield vacuum truck to get can help make your time on the job site much easier. Dealing with oil sludge is going to take a powerful vacuum truck, and so you want to ensure that you’re purchasing or renting an industrial strength vacuum truck when you are planning to use it at an oilfield. 


Understand Your Team’s Needs

You should also know the makeup of your team. Some vacuum trucks are fully mounted vehicles, meaning that someone on your team will need a CDL license to drive these big rigs. However, some companies do make trailer-mounted vacuum trucks, meaning that you can simply hook the trailer to the back of your truck and cart it with you to the job site – no CDL license required. 


Trailer Mount

Typically, the trailer mounted vacuum trucks aren’t going to be quite as powerful as those that are firmly mounted. However, if you don’t have someone on your team with a CDL license or if your job isn’t going to take quite as much power, then a trailer mounted vacuum truck is an excellent option. 


The Materials It Can Handle

When hunting for the right vacuum truck, you also want to ensure that the truck you’re purchasing can vacuum up both wet and dry material. While most work in an oilfield is going to involve vacuuming up wet material, the vacuuming power of the truck may be needed to move material like dirt or sand from a drilling site. 


Tank Capacity

Your truck should also be able to easily empty its tank. For example, if the oilfield vacuum truck is being used to suction up dirt or sand, you should ensure that the truck can easily dispense that sand elsewhere, like into a dumpster or other location without involving too much additional work. You’ll save yourself and your company time and money by ensuring you’ve got the best of the best!


Review All Specs

Finally, if you’re planning to use your truck for more than one purpose, make sure that your truck is going to be able to handle that. Before you make any kind of purchase, look at the truck’s specs. Will it be able to easily shift from one area of the job site to another with minimal cleanup and effort? If so, then that truck might be the one for you!


Flowmark’s Oilfield Vacuum Trucks Stand Above the Rest

With Flowmark’s wide range of products and parts, there’s no doubt that you’ll find exactly what you need to give your company the boost that it needs. It is our goal to create the highest quality trucks in the industry that can be used for a variety of purposes – not just the typical septic tank services. From construction, to search and rescue, to oil fields, Flowmark’s vacuum trucks can give you the edge among the competition.

Our engineers design each part from scratch, making our product unique among its competitors. Plus, our trucks are designed for longevity, meaning that you’re sure to get your money’s worth with our product, no matter what industry you use it in. 

If you’re interested in seeing how Flowmark can help your business and become a vital part of your company’s fleet, contact us today for inventory and pricing information. We can’t wait to see you on the show floor!