Starting Your Own Portable Sanitation Business? 5 Things You Will Need First

A line of portable restrooms for your portable sanitation business.

When it comes to starting your own business, it can feel like there are a million and one things you have to do in order to get ready. From renting a space, to finding employees, to gathering all the materials required that you need in order to start your business, the list is never ending. Knowing the basics of what you need to start your business, though, is invaluable.


If you’re planning to start your own portable sanitation business, this is no different. Knowing the basics of what you need to get started can make or break your business, and help you to understand what exactly it is that you need in order to provide the best experience to your clientele. Because of this, when you see any of your needed items like portable restrooms or vacuum trucks for sale, you should jump on it immediately because you know how important it is going to be to your business.


If you’re unsure about exactly what you need to get started with your portable sanitation business, here are some of the must haves to put on to your shopping list:


1. Portable restrooms


The cornerstone to any portable sanitation business is having portable restrooms. Without portable restrooms, your portable sanitation business wouldn’t actually be a portable sanitation business.


What can set your business apart is having quality portable restrooms for your clientele. Before you go out and purchase the cheapest portable restrooms you can find, consider the marketability of having a good quality, portable restroom. Ensure that you have at least one ADA compliant restroom. You should also invest in good, well-maintained handwashing stations. With all of these additional features, your portable sanitation business will stand out among the rest.


2. Cleaning supplies


No one likes to use a dirty restroom even in their own home. That’s why it’s extremely important for any portable sanitation business to have a plethora of cleaning supplies to help keep their portable restrooms neat and tidy.


Invest in good quality cleaning products and keep your restrooms cleaned regularly. Additional elements, like a pressure washer, may also be extremely useful in keeping your portable restrooms clean. A clean, portable restroom is going to be the best marketing you can get for your portable sanitation business, so keeping everything clean is paramount to your success.


3. Maintenance supplies


Nothing is worse than contracting out a certain amount of portable restrooms for an event, or for a client, and then not being able to deliver all of them because of a maintenance issue. Some maintenance issues can’t be predicted or fixed immediately, but having a supply of basic maintenance supplies on hand in order to make minor repairs can be a game changer in your business.


For example, a broken door hinge on a portable restroom is a major issue, but a relatively easy fix if you have the right tools. By keeping a small supply of portable restroom door hinges on hand in your business, you will be able to quickly fix the issue on your portable restroom and still deliver the agreed-upon amount to your client. You don’t have to wait in order for the maintenance company to come and fix your portable restroom, and you don’t lose the business that you would’ve had by missing one of the portable restrooms in your contract.


4. Transport vehicles


No portable sanitation business is complete without having vehicles in order to transport your restrooms. It’s not exactly going to make a good impression on your client if you tell them that you have all of the portable restrooms that they need, but they need to figure out a way to get them to the location. The best portable sanitation businesses are able to market themselves as an all in one: able to rent out the portable restrooms, transport them where they need to go, clean them regularly, and pick them up at the end of the event.


By having your own transport vehicle, not only will you cut down on costs of having to outsource the transport of your portable restrooms, you’ll make a good impression on your clientele.


close-up of the back of a vacuum trucks for sale


5. Quality vacuum trucks


Not all vacuum trucks for sale are created equal, and making sure that you have the most quality vacuum trucks on the market is vital for your success in the portable, sanitation industry. Apart from the portable restrooms themselves, having good quality vacuum trucks can make or break your business.


The vacuum trucks that you use not only have to be able to suction all of the detritus out from the portable restroom, they also have to be able to transport water in order to clean the restrooms. Your vacuum trucks have to do this with speed and efficiency in order to not disrupt the flow of the event. Your vacuum trucks also have to be able to hold a good amount in their tanks, so that they can transport a lot at one time. This helps you to cut down on costs by only having to send one truck to complete the job, allowing you more freedom to use your other vacuum trucks in other ways, if need be.


It’s an exciting moment when you see vacuum trucks for sale, but remember: think about what you need the vacuum truck for. Even if it may seem like a good deal, if it’s not right for your business, it’s not worth it to purchase.


Starting Your Own Sanitation Business with Flowmark


Flowmark’s quality vacuum trucks make it easy to start your own portable sanitation business. We understand how difficult it can be to find quality products for you to use in your own small business. With FlowMark, however, you can rest assured that our vacuum trucks are among the best of the best. Our vacuum trucks are American made, and with an in-house maintenance team, you know that you are getting the best quality possible. 


Before you choose any other vacuum trucks for sale, we hope you’ll take a look at Flowmark first. Contact us today for a quote and more information.