Safety Features on your Vacuum Truck 

It is important to keep in mind safety for your drivers and those around when ordering/budgeting for a new vacuum truck or portable restroom service truck. 


We have several items that we recommend when spec’ing out your vacuum truck build: 


Backup Cameras 

  • Some chassis we can factory order with a factory-installed backup camera, others we install an aftermarket system. The benefit is obvious: when you have a backup camera on your vacuum truck, your operator can easily see what they could previously not see behind the vacuum truck or portable restroom service truck. 


Fender Mirrors 

  • On the class VI, VII, and VIII vacuum trucks we can order or install fender mirrors. Fender mirrors on a vacuum truck will help the operator to see in their blind spots at all times. 



  • FlowMark specs Bluetooth on all chassis when we order them. BlueTooth helps to keep your vacuum truck operators’ eyes on the road and off their phones. 


Power Windows and Locks 

  • Once viewed as a convenience, FlowMark sees power windows and locks as a safety feature, allowing an operator to keep eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel, giving you a safer vacuum truck operation. 


Strobe/Warning Lights 

  • FlowMark offers a range of strobe and warning lights for your vacuum truck or portable restroom service truck, to help you to be seen on the job site. From LED beacons on the cab or vacuum tank, to multi-pattern strobe lights mounted all around the vacuum truck, we can help you to be seen!