How to Choose the Right Vacuum Truck for the Job

Vacuum tank sitting in Flowmark warehouse


There is no doubt about it: buying a vacuum truck is a big investment for your company. It is going to be the lifeblood for everything that you do, and ensuring that you have the proper vacuum truck for your specific line of work is extremely important. 

Before you begin the buying process and start to shop around, keep a few of these key questions in mind: What kind of business do I operate – grease trap, septic service, portable toilet service, etc.? How big of a tank do I need? Do I have any preference of chassis? What sort of details or add-ons will I need? 

By answering these, you’ll be much more apt to find the right fit for you and your business. Let’s explore each of the questions a little more in-depth!


Not One Size Fits All

All of our trucks are made with the same high standard of quality, regardless of which unit you need for your job. However, not each vacuum truck functions the same nor do they do the same sort of work. These variations are key to ensuring your specific job is done right.

  • Septic/Grease Trap/Grit Trucks: If you specialize in any of these areas, you need to check out our septic service trucks. As a standard issue, they come equipped with a 350 cfm, PTO driven vacuum pump with vacuum and pressure modes as well as primary and secondary shut offs.  
  • Portable Toilet Service Trucks: For portable toilet trucks, there are several units to choose from. These vary in all shapes and sizes, beginning at 999 gallon and working its way up to larger tanks and trucks for increased service capacity. These come with a huge myriad of upgrades and customizations, especially varying on which size of truck you purchase. 
  • Combination Truck: For someone who services both septics tanks and portable restrooms, investing in a combo truck is sure to have a huge payoff. Equipped with dual inlets, one to handle septic services and other to handle restrooms, this unit can readily tackle either side of the job. 
  • Pickup & Delivery Truck: For a truck that really does it all, the multifaceted 800 Pick Up and Delivery truck is a perfect addition to any operation, big or small. This truck is designed not just to be a pumping unit for servicing portable toilets and hand wash sinks, but is also equipped to deliver large quantities of portable toilets as well.


Selecting the Right Tank 

While it may seem a little obvious, it’s important to remember that the size of your business and the capacity of the work you do will determine what size of tank you want to put on your truck. If you are a smaller scale operation, it would be more beneficial to maintain a smaller tank, opting for a 999 gallon or a 1275 gallon. 

For larger operations, when choosing a vacuum truck, you would be better suited with going for a 1500 or 2000 gallon tank. These bigger sizes are typically seen on our restroom or combo trucks. 

Regardless of which one you end up with, it’s pertinent to buy the size that’s just right for you and your operation. Too big of a truck or tank can be difficult and unnecessarily costly to maintain, while at the same time, too small of a truck just won’t be enough to get the job done like it should.


Multiple truck chassis waiting for tanks to be added for vacuum trucks in Flowmark warehouse


Chassis Preference

The debate between preferred vehicle models is a tale as old as time and a long-standing argument in any auto-related circle. While some might prefer Ford, others might be keen on Kenworth or Hino, just to name a few. Here at Flowmark, we are proud to offer our customers a huge variety to choose from, ensuring that no matter where their preference lies, odds are high we have their favorite chassis available.

However, some chassis are only available for certain trucks and tank sizes. For example, 999 gallon trucks are typically only sold in Ford, RAM or Isuzu options. With the upgrade to larger tanks, you will see more choices, including Hino, Peterbilt, and Freightliner. 


It’s All in the Details

Being able to modify a truck so that it best suits you and your needs isn’t a luxury in our book: it’s just how we do things. If there is a specific vacuum pump brand, water pump brand, preferred type of hose reel you need, etc., we are happy to outfit your truck with your request right there on the assembly line. After we’ve received the standard chassis, we put everything together in-house. Quite literally, your vacuum truck was built from the ground up just for you!

And because we offer such an easy-to-use online parts store, coupled with the fact that we warehouse six million dollars worth of parts on site, should any of your customizations ever need to be replaced or serviced, we make it easy to do. Anything you need to order is just a click away. If you can’t find what you need, please always give us a call!


Standard of Quality

Once again, buying a vacuum truck is a huge investment. Seeing a sewer vacuum truck for sale and buying one specially tailored for you and your business are two totally different things. Here at Flowmark, we do things right, producing each of our American-made trucks on-site in Kansas City. From the hoses to the tanks to the very frame they sit on, each part is made and assembled in our shop. We don’t pass the buck and we always hold ourselves accountable.


Place an Order

If you’re ready to purchase the best vacuum truck on the market, take the time to browse through our inventory to see what we have available. Or, you can always get a free quote by contacting us through our webpage. To talk to a live rep right away, reach out by giving us a call at 833-653-8100 and we can guarantee to get a quote for you ASAP!