How FlowMark KC Stands Out in The Vacuum Truck Industry

Red and white vacuum trucks being worked on and put together at FlowMark in Kansas City
For a tough industry, you have to have a tough truck – one that is reliable and able to put in not only the miles, but is also going to stand up and last through every messy, difficult job you encounter. Whether you are a septic servicer, an airport pit cleaner, work in grease trap operations, or fall somewhere in between, you know that your job is essential, and we know it, too. Your vacuum truck is your most important asset. 
Maybe you’re just getting started in the industry or you’ve had a vacuum truck before and are on the hunt for a new one. However, if you’ve never bought a FlowMark truck, then you’re missing out on the highest-quality version of the tool you need to keep your business running and functional. 
So what sets FlowMark apart? Take a closer look and find out!


Two In One

If you bought your last vacuum truck somewhere else, odds are high that it was put together with pre-fab parts. The tank, and all of its parts, were pieced together at several different shops and locations using some different companies’ engineering. Maybe you’ve encountered issues, tried to track down parts, and every turn, you hit a wall, leaving you frustrated and at your wits’ end.
At FlowMark, we can say that our standards are a little higher than that.
FlowMark is proud to be attached to and partnered with KC Tank – in fact, we even share a shop. We have full in-house fabrication capabilities, including laser, sheer, press brake, tank roll, and welding, we do it all on-site and in-house. Other than the chassis that we buy from the vehicle manufacturer, all other portions are created right here in Kansas City. Both sides, Flowmark and KC Tank, work hand-in-hand to create the best quality Kansas City vacuum truck product. Not only does this expedite the process, but ensures that every inch of your truck meets our standard of quality. 
Worker using machine to bend metal to create pieces for vacuum trucks at FlowMark in Kansas City

A Cut Above

Manufacturing calls for a delicate balance: knowing when to use a computer and when to add a human touch makes or breaks the reliability of any product. For vacuum trucks, this is no exception. 
One of the machines we use that set us apart is our hydraulic press brake. This machine allows us to bend metal at precise angles, molded exactly how we need it to fit our trucks and our tanks. This does still require a trained technician to calibrate the plans and then double-check to ensure that everything is correct and good to go before sending the part to the assembly line. 
Another great piece of tech that we utilize is our laser cutter. Shaving off hundreds of hours of manpower and minimizing any mistakes or flaws, this machine pre-measures and can cut hundreds of precise shapes perfectly in just a matter of minutes. Once again, this is manned by a trained and skilled technician who inspects each cut for quality.
On the welding side of the house, we know that machine welding is always sub-par to a hand weld done by a seasoned and trained professional. This is just another example of how we ensure quality by focusing on finding a balance. Parts of your truck may have been cut out by a machine, but the final product will always be assembled by a person. Using the best of both worlds keep FlowMark a cut above the rest.


Continue to Count on Us

Just because you’ve driven one of our vacuum trucks off the lot, that doesn’t mean our part is done – not by a long shot. Our service team is here to back you should any issues pop up, working hard to keep things running smoothly.
Thanks to FlowMark and KC Tank working as a team, we know your truck inside and out, and we are able to service it efficiently and quickly troubleshoot any problems that might arise. In our warehouse, we have over four million dollars worth of parts that are available at any given notice. So whether you need a new hose or valve or bracket, you don’t have to waste precious time and energy tracking down the manufacturer – we have it! We know exactly which part you need and how to replace it. No more waiting around – we’re here to get you back in business and back on the road ASAP! 
While you are always welcome to call us, you can also check out our easy-to-use online store feature to quickly find and purchase any part you need and ship it directly to your business. 


The FlowMark Difference

We may not be the only ones in the vacuum truck business, but we like to believe we’re the gold standard. Providing our customers with only the best of the best, we strive to uphold our values, focusing on quality, efficiency, reliability, affordability, and availability. 
These aren’t just buzzwords – they’re grounded into every part of the FlowMark process. From the moment you call us for information, we guarantee to get your quote in the shortest time possible. No more waiting around for days to hear back – time is money, after all! 
Not only that, but the promotional products we mail you are all made right here in the USA whenever possible. T-shirts, cups, pens, it matters to us. American-made isn’t just a gimmick for us, it’s a lifestyle, and something we take quite seriously. We want the money we work hard to earn to go back into the economy.  
And above all else, when you buy from FlowMark, you’re getting not only the best vacuum truck in the US, but the best one on the market, and you can hold us to that. We’re here to back you up every step of the way. 
So, what are you waiting for? For a free quote on the best vacuum truck you will ever purchase, be sure to contact us right away! Your business is our business.