Can Vacuum Trucks Be Used for Sewer Cleaning? 4 Facts You Should Know

A stack of sewer pipes laid together

Vacuum trucks are versatile tools, sort of like the Swiss army knife of clean up. For messes both big and small, our machinery can handle it all. And while you may be familiar with our vacuum trucks being used for various purposes such as cleaning grease traps or servicing car wash pits, did you know that these septic pump trucks can also be utilized for sewer cleaning?

It should come as no surprise that sewer cleaning is an essential job. Not only is it instrumental in maintaining the integrity of our nation’s infrastructure, this proper maintenance also leads to an improved overall health and quality of life for citizens. It is a dirty job that has to be done, but thankfully, working with a vacuum truck can help make it a bit easier. 

If you are interested in learning more about how these septic pump trucks work, keep reading! We have four great facts about vacuum truck septic clean up that you won’t want to miss out on.


1.) Septic pump trucks make the job quicker and more efficient.

In this line of work, efficiency matters. The larger the tank you have, the fewer trips you have to make to dump refuse. Also, due to the efficiency in which the truck captures fluid and debris, you can clean up at a much faster rate. Some may have concerns about the filtration system on the truck means that you are sacrificing power, and we are glad to say that that’s just not true. When compared to more traditional or standard methods of sewer clean out, utilizing the vacuum truck is the most effective way by far. When using a vacuum truck, you can get your crew on a job site and the allotted tasks done quicker and easier!


2.) Using a septic pump truck can save a lot of money.

Based on the information we just presented above, it is no wonder that using a vacuum truck helps to save on your bottom dollar. And in this current economy, every dollar counts. Due to the steadily increasing gas prices nationwide, minimizing the amount of trips you take to dump refuse is a huge game changer. Not only that, but getting a job done quicker means that you can fit more work into one day. The better that you are able to use your time, the more efficiently you can move through tasks. 

Plus, a standard vacuum truck only usually needs one to two operators for most jobs. A smaller crew translates to fewer people needed to get the same amount of work done, but even easier. You can reallocate additional staff and outfit them with their own vacuum truck, literally doubling or even tripling the amount of jobs you can take on. 


3.) Septic pumps trucks are a safer option for employees.

The safety and well being of your employees should always be your top priority, no exceptions. When working around sewer systems and human waste, there is always a cause for concern and safety precautions that should be put into place. After all, exposure to toxins and biohazardous material is something that should not be taken lightly. This is especially true when handling this sort of matter on a daily basis. Thankfully, however, working with a vacuum tuck to clear out sewer systems can actually help to minimize this exposure.

Due to how these trucks operate, typically you won’t have to do any manual clean out, meaning you can keep a safe distance from the material. The hose will serve as your best friend for reaching hard to get waste and debris. From there, all of the waste will be stored and sealed safely and securely in the tank until you make it to the refuse dump station. 


4.) Septic pump trucks are an environmentally friendly alternative.

Compared to when doing sewage clean up manually, utilizing a vacuum truck is a much more environmentally friendly option. This is due in part to the fact that a vacuum truck can accurately clean up what you need without disturbing the environment around the job site. Again, this is also where fewer trips to the refuse site comes into play as well. The less miles you are putting on your truck, the less pollution you are emitting. It is a win/win all around. 

A septic pump truck servicing a sewer line

Wrap Up

As you can see, septic pump trucks are a great way to get the job done in a more efficient and cost friendly manner. Not only that, but you can see to the improved safety of your employees all while looking out for the environment. It is no wonder that vacuum trucks are growing in popularity, especially among municipalities and other government agencies. 


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