Advanced Vacuum Truck Building from FlowMark

Laser cutter machine at Flowmark and KC Tank, a Kansas City vacuum truck manufacturer

When it comes time to purchase a vacuum truck, whether it’s your first or your tenth, are you thinking about one key factor and asking: how was this truck built, and was it made to last? 
Vacuum trucks are an investment, that much is true. They can be expensive, but regardless of if you work in septic services or you have a grease trap business or maybe you land somewhere in between, your truck serves as the primary tool in your industry. Because of the tough messes you handle, you can’t afford to have one that is poorly made. Your job is essential, and so are the tasks you handle. 
Here at Flowmark, we believe in giving our customers the best, and we do that by focusing on our five pillars: quality, efficiency, reliability, affordability, and availability. Continue reading to find out how we integrate these values at every step of the manufacturing process and because of that, we are able to create an asset that is built to last.



At our shop, we assemble hundreds of trucks each and every year, producing trucks at a high rate of efficiency. So how do we turn out this many at such a fast pace, and still uphold our pillars of quality? The answer is that we do everything in-house.
We purchase industry-standard chassis and truck bodies from an auto dealer, such as a Ford F550 or a Peterbilt 330, and we take over the rest from there. From the engineering, to the fabrication, to the assembly, because we take care of everything in our own shop, we are able to cut down 15 hours worth of work into 1 hour, making the overall completion time shorter. 


Machine & Manpower

If there is one thing that we do better than our competitors, it’s the fact that we know how to balance the use of manpower and the use of machines. This can be a delicate rope to walk, but we believe we have found the right combination. 
For example, when it comes to welding, everything is done by hand by a trained technician. We don’t do any sort of robotic welding, whether that be on our trucks or our tanks. The quality a real, live person can bring to this area is much greater than that of a machine. All of our welders hold either certificates or even applied science degrees from various, accredited tech schools in the area, proving they have the know-how to back their work.
On the other side of the coin, utilizing machinery in the right spots can increase efficiency and speed. One of the machines we use to set us apart is our hydraulic press brake. By using this, we are able to bend metal at precise angles, fitting our trucks and tanks perfectly. However, this still does require a trained technician to double-check the machine’s work and assess for overall quality and accuracy. 
Our laser cutter is another great example of how we use technology to optimize the quality of our trucks. With this machine, we are able to save hundreds of hours of manpower and decrease any mistakes or errors that may occur. This saves us money, and in turn, saves you money as well, without sacrificing the overall quality of the product. The laser cutter pre-measures and can cut hundreds of intricate, precise pieces in just a matter of minutes, a rigorous process that would take hours if done by hand. Just like with the press brake, however, this machine is also monitored by a live technician who is there to confirm that everything was done correctly. 


Two Companies: Side by Side

Another important element to consider is that because Flowmark and KC Tank share a shop and are partnered together, with our combined forces, we are able to bring you a totally custom Kansas City vacuum truck. 
If you have purchased a vacuum truck from someone else, it is extremely likely that it was assembled and constructed using pre-fab parts. The tank, and all of its many components, were probably pieced together between several different shops and locations, all while utilizing some other company’s standard of engineering. 
Both sides of the house, Flowmark and KC Tank, follow the five pillars and work together to bring out the best Kansas City vacuum truck we can. Not only does this speed things along and make it more efficient, but we also cut out any miscommunications that can occur when using an outside plant. 



For us, ‘Made in the USA’ isn’t just a slogan or a gimmick we use to make sales and bolster our reputation. Rather, it’s a way of life and is integrated into every aspect of our business. We know that imported parts aren’t always up to our standard of condition or practice and that’s why we choose to make everything possible in-house. 
However, it doesn’t stop there. Wherever possible, we source parts from the United States. From promotional items like t-shirts, to valves and backup alarms, we look for US suppliers. Sure, this can be a little more costly, but we believe in keeping the money we earn right here on the homefront, where it goes back into our economy. 


See for Yourself

Don’t wait around any longer to buy the best vacuum truck you’ll ever purchase. Start by viewing our products and seeing the various trucks we have available. From a 999 Gallon PRT to a pick-up and delivery truck, we have the selection to keep you moving.
Give us a call today for a free quote! While some of our competitors make you wait around for days to receive one, we can guarantee to send you an estimate to your email before we have even hung up the phone – and that’s the Flowmark difference.