We Are FlowMark

The Nation’s Largest Source of In-Stock, Ready to Go Vacuum Trucks

FlowMark Kansas City staff

FlowMark was born from a single goal: to create the highest quality vacuum trucks in the industry. With over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a highly qualified team with decades of experience under our belts. At any given time, we have hundreds of in-stock chassis, tanks and ready-to-work vacuum trucks at our facility.

FlowMark manufactures vacuum trucks for portable restroom operators, septic service companies, carwash pit cleaners, oilfield service companies, grease trap operations, airport pit cleaning operations- the essential service providers of our country.

Our engineers design each vacuum truck from scratch, giving us greater control over quality and details. Each FlowMark vacuum truck is fully engineered to work seamlessly with its operator, built to live a long and hardworking life, and designed for easy serviceability. And our dedication to quality is backed by industry-leading warranties.

We've built thousands of vacuum trucks operating worldwide, and continue to pump out hundreds of vacuum trucks each year.

For your fleet's next addition, go with the quality truck. Go with the FlowMark.