6 Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind When Looking for Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Vacuum trucks in Flowmark warehouse being worked on

If you are looking to get started in the vacuum truck business, but you aren’t sure where to start, let us help you! When browsing through vacuum trucks for sale, it is important to remember that you are making an investment for your business and your future. 

When purchasing a machine of this size and cost, there are some things you should keep in mind to help you make sure that you are getting the most bang for your buck as well as that you have all of your ducks in a row when finalizing the sale. 

So what is it that you need to know? Check out these six tips we think anyone in the vacuum truck business needs to know!


Tip 1: Get a good warranty

Just like when purchasing any vehicle, making sure you’re getting a good warranty matters. And no, we’re not talking about the ones that you get all of those crazy phone calls about. Your vacuum truck is an asset and it deserves to be protected. Most manufacturers offer varying levels of warranties, starting with no warranty at all or ‘as-is’ units or all the way up to full coverage for a year or after a certain number of miles.

When you’re making your purchase, be sure to ask which package applies to which truck you’re planning to buy. Sometimes, the chassis and the tanks even have separate warranties based on the manufacturer or things of that nature. In these cases, the dealer would handle any issues with the chassis while the manufacturer would handle any issues with the tank. While this isn’t a deal breaker when making a purchase, it’s important to know upfront so you have a plan in place should an issue occur with one or the other.


Tip 2: Make sure all of the paperwork is in order

This might seem obvious, but don’t overlook it! Be sure to obtain an official copy of a clear title as well as a release of any liens. If for some reason the seller can’t produce one, it’s time to look somewhere else. The seller should also be able to provide proof that their truck passed its annual inspection from the U.S. Department of Transportation. This inspection will come with an official, federal certification. 

Remember, if the inspection papers aren’t in order, this can cause issues for you if you ever get pulled over. You could get fined or even taken out of service, and that’s the last thing that you want. 


Tip 3: Be prepared to make an investment

You’ll figure out very quickly when you’re flipping through ads about vacuum trucks for sale: they don’t come cheap. Before starting in this line of business, you need to be aware that you get what you pay for. While it’s important to shop around within your budget and make sure you’re getting a good deal, you don’t want to shell out money on just any product and end up with a lemon on the quest to save a dime.

It is not at all uncommon to purchase a vacuum truck for anywhere between $30-$90k. A good way to save on your budget is to make sure that you’re not buying more truck than you need. At Flowmark, we have a wide variety available to fit all kinds of jobs and business sizes. Be sure to browse our inventory to get an idea of the types of products we have on the market. 

Finished vacuum truck in Flowmark warehouse

Tip 4: Be aware of customizations

This tip applies when you are purchasing a used truck or are buying second-hand from a dealer or online. When you buy a truck with a lot of customizations and the truck isn’t coming directly from the manufacturer, this can cause some issues when trying to find replacement parts. And sometimes, these aren’t covered by the warranties as we mentioned above.

However, if you’re purchasing a truck from Flowmark and you order customizations, don’t worry! We have an exceptionally easy-to-use parts store that features an online shopping area where you can browse through various parts, add them to your cart, and have them shipped wherever they need to go! 


Tip 5: Be wary of tight-lipped sellers

Here at Flowmark, we believe in being upfront and honest. We don’t use dodgy tactics or cheap sales strategies with the trucks we put out on the market. Unfortunately, however, we can’t say the same for everyone in the business.

If you’re going to make a purchase, and the dealer or private party isn’t forthcoming with some important information, it’s time to walk away. They need to be willing to answer how many hours on the truck, any previous owners, service records, and references or contact info for previous owners. Don’t fall for a shady deal and be sure to ask questions!


Tip 6: Check the tires

This is another tip directed at buying used: check the tires. The truck might seem like a good deal at first glance, but don’t skip giving the tires a once-over. For machines this size, new tires can cost anywhere from $600-$800 a piece. Obviously, this is an incredibly important component that is vital for staying on the road and staying in business. Before signing the bottom line, make sure that you aren’t getting a truck with bald tires. 


Flormark Difference

If you’re ready to make a purchase for your first (or next!) vacuum truck, give us a call. All of our machines are made in-house, and we know exactly how each and everyone works. We can vouch for the quality and we promise to back up your investment with top-notch customer service and support long after you’ve driven off of our lot. 

Call us for a free quote or reach out to us using our online contact form. Either way, we can guarantee a fast and affordable quote so we can get you set up in the best vacuum truck you’ll ever purchase.