5 Tips to Help You Improve Your Portable Sanitation Business This Year

A row of portable restrooms outdoor at a park

As a portable sanitation business, it’s important to put your best foot forward. For small, family owned businesses, it’s all the more crucial that you maintain a clean, honest image and give your best customer service at all times. If you have been wanting to improve your sales and bolster the quality of your work, our Flowmark team has a few tips you will want to check out! Continue reading to learn more as well as gain some insight into where to purchase the best septic service trucks on the market.


1.) Maintain a Clean Image

You might do a dirty job but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a clean image. Presentation is everything, especially as far as first impressions go. If you have a team member show up to a job site out of uniform or in a septic service truck that looks one pothole away from falling apart, you are sure to scare off future customers. Take the time to invest in branded, company uniforms that have easily identifiable name tags. This will inspire trust from the customer, which is a must in the era of scams and fraud. 


2.) Be On Time

While this may seem like a no-brainer, if your team lacked efficiency and time management last year, now is your chance to correct these issues. Being on time and arriving during the window that you promised the customer is an essential part of having a reputable business. If there were issues that caused this in the past, get to the bottom of them and find a solution. 

For example, were breakdowns the key culprit behind your inability to be on time or keep appointments? If so, sit down and take a closer look at your maintenance schedule. Work directly with your repair technicians to troubleshoot any shortcomings in maintenance and upkeep. If a lack of planning and communication was the root of your inability to arrive on time, review the current systems you have in place. Working together as a team will be the easiest way to make corrections and become a well oiled machine once again.


3.) Uphold Company Values

Whenever a company is founded, most businesses take the time to establish values that they expect every employee to uphold. Oftentimes, these values include honesty, integrity, efficiency, and quality. While these likely vary from company to company, taking the time to educate your team on these foundational values will help them to better understand what expectations that you have for them. In turn, this will allow your employees to go out into the public and present themselves in a professional manner and represent the company in a positive way. Recognize outstanding employees who uphold these values and reward them accordingly. After all, your business is about more than simply operating septic service trucks, it’s about bringing an elevated level of customer service to your clients. 


4.) Introduce New Training Techniques

This year, take the time to really evaluate your training techniques and onboarding methods. If you have been experiencing a high turnover rate lately, investigate exactly why that is. For example, are your employees feeling as though they aren’t being properly onboarded from the start? What about your trainings, are they lacking in some way? 

Conducting routine training for your employees calls for a certain level of balance. You must be prepared to train on topics such as those required by the state or other governing offices for the sake of safety and accountability. However, at the same time, finding ways to make the training more interesting and hands-on will help your employees to stay engaged with the material.

Also, don’t just train on the fundamentals related to septic service trucks. Help your team really be their best by prioritizing topics such as proper communication, upholding good work/life balance, and handling conflict resolution. Covering these issues will allow you to build up a more cohesive and integrated team. 

Survey your employees before booking your next round of trainings to see what topics might interest them or could benefit them the most. When a team member leaves, give them the option for an exit interview to share any parting thoughts they may have on how to improve these processes and prevent turnover. 

A group of employee receiving safety training  for their septic service trucks

5.) Invest in Quality Equipment

Last but certainly not least, if you want to better your portable sanitation business in 2023, you have to be willing to invest in quality equipment. You can start by conducting a full audit on your current fleet of septic service trucks and pinpoint any shortcomings in your equipment. 

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

  • Is your current equipment outdated?
  • Are you experiencing frequent breakdowns even with an efficient maintenance schedule?
  • Is your team reporting issues with their trucks, tanks, hoses, etc.?
  • Are you missing out on service calls because you are constantly behind schedule due to equipment issues?
  • Could you benefit from adding another vacuum truck to your fleet?
  • What kind of mileage do your current septic service trucks have?

While there are other questions you can ask as well, these should be enough to get you started and down the right path to determining if you are in need of new equipment. If you have answered these questions and you have come to the conclusion that you do, in fact, need a new vacuum truck, then it’s time to call the experts at Flowmark.


Septic Service Trucks Built to Last

When it comes time to invest in new equipment, don’t just purchase the first vacuum truck for sale that you see. Instead, turn to a company that manufactures American made equipment that is built to last – Flowmark. Our engineers design each truck from scratch, building in house from the chassis up. This allows us to have the highest level of control over the quality and integrity of our vacuum trucks, ensuring that each component, from tank to hose, meets our standards. 

To learn more about Flowmark or to receive a quote for your company, contact us today! We know that with one of our trucks in your fleet, you’ll elevate the quality of your business in no time.