5 Reasons That Municipalities Benefit from Vacuum Trucks

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It is no secret that municipalities and other government agencies are on a strict budget – it doesn’t matter where you live or what state you reside in, this is a cold hard fact. When working on the taxpayer’s dime, municipalities need to find the most affordable yet most efficient way to get work done. When city planners or other types of government authorities are looking for vacuum trucks for sale, they want to get the most benefit out of their purchase.

Municipalities are bound to see a variety of issues each and every day around the city, and a vacuum truck can be just the right piece of equipment to tackle the job. We here at FlowMark have compiled a list detailing the different ways that a vacuum truck can prove to be beneficial to municipalities and other types of governing bodies. 

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Reason #1: Saves Money

As to be expected in any town or city, routine sewer maintenance and upkeep will need to be performed, as well as any other variety of emergencies. If any type of excavation is required, it can not only get expensive, but costly, too. This will surely cause operations to slow things down, needing more hands on deck, and sometimes, even blocking passageways and roadways for citizens, which can lead to an upset or frustrations from local citizens. Because of this, it’s no wonder that more municipalities are turning to the aid of vacuum trucks. The standard vacuum truck only needs one or two operators, depending on the task, eliminating the need for an entire, multi-day crew. 


Reason #2: More Efficient

One of the best things about a vacuum truck is that it does not have to be loaded up and hauled to various places, such as a skid steer or other pieces of necessary equipment would. Instead, a vacuum truck is a fully operational vehicle, able to arrive at a job site, perform its task, and then head on down the road to the next venture. Also, the waste is captured in the truck tank directly, no need to worry about hauling it off in a separate container and risking any sort of spills or other messes. 


Reason #3: Time-Saving

The old adage goes that ‘time is money’, and that certainly rings true here. By using a vacuum truck, municipalities are able to save time on projects that would have traditionally required an excavation or other lengthy, expensive measures. The excavation process is especially costly, and typically would call for roughly five times the amount of work that a vacuum truck would need. Because of this, they are able to finish on time and head to the next project, increasing overall efficiency. This isn’t cutting corners – this is using a wise investment.


Reason #4: Versatile

When researching vacuum trucks for sale, know that you are looking up one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on the market. Depending on which model you purchase, your truck should be able to deal with a wide manner of substances, including water, sewage, grease, and other types of waste. This means that a municipality isn’t limited to just using this on their sewer system! A vacuum truck is a great investment across the board and will be ready to take on many different types of tasks. 


Reason #5: Safety

Safety on any job site is a huge concern, but especially for municipalities. By using the safest equipment and methods, they are able to minimize liability and create a safer work environment for everyone involved. Choosing to utilize vacuum trucks with an experienced operator will ensure that any job will get done quickly and safely. 

City worker with a vacuum truckThe Takeaway

There you have it – the top five reasons why municipalities benefit from having either a vacuum truck in its fleet, or have a contract with a local operator. They work wonders for projects that may have previously required execution or other invasive means. So whether it’s needed for sewage removal or sewer cleaning, disposal, or any other type of similar task, a vacuum truck is the way to go. 


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