5 Key Advantages of Switching to Electrical Equipment

A blue collar employee using a tablet to work with electrical equipment

In this current day and age, one of the most common topics of discussion is the possibility of converting to electric vehicles and other electric equipment. There could be several reasons behind wanting to make this change. One of the biggest reasons is that currently, diesel fuel is over $5/gallon on average in the United States and is even more expensive in certain states. Also, many companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. Not only is this good for the environment, but there could also be some significant tax breaks in it as well!

In fact, did you know that more than 128 countries around the world, including the United States, are committed to meeting a net-zero emissions target by 2050? This is a pretty lofty goal, but with small changes by everyone, it can be done. While there are no such things as electric powered vacuum trucks as of yet, it is something that you could look forward to in the very near future!

However, in the meantime, there are some small changes that you can make around your office, shop, and job site that can alleviate your carbon footprint and reduce the amount of diesel or gas that you use. 


1.) Electric cars and trucks are more fuel efficient. 

While there might not be electric vacuum trucks currently, there certainly are electric cars and pick up trucks. If you have a car that you use for general office trips, such as doing sales runs, going to your local big box store for more printer paper and staples, or just as a general use vehicle, consider switching to electric. This can be extremely cost saving in the long run, especially when you consider the rising costs at the pump. 

Even a hybrid vehicle, such as one that uses a combination of both electric and gas, can really help you save money while also reducing your carbon footprint. If you have a front office manager who has to make frequent trips to run various errands for the company, look at investing in an electric car. Once again, for many states and small businesses, this could even be a tax write off. Before making a purchase, double check with your trusted accountant.


2.) Reduced noise pollution.

If there is one thing that is true, it is that heavy machinery is very loud. Even when wearing the proper protective equipment, it can do quite a bit of damage on the operator’s hearing over a long period of time. Not only that, but when working in metropolitan areas, many cities have ordinances against sound pollution. Thanks to electric equipment being quieter, you can get into your job site, take care of business, and do what you need to without worrying about bothering those around you or putting your employee’s hearing at risk. This is a win/win all the way around!


3.) Easier and simpler to maintain. 

Think for a moment about a piece of equipment or machinery that uses a combustion engine. There are so many components that come into play with gas-powered machinery, including routine maintenance and upkeep surrounding complicated engine parts. Electric power takes many of these elements away, replacing the combustion engine with a reliable and rechargeable battery. This means that you can save money on maintenance and upkeep, reduce your downtime, and bring about peace of mind. 

A man using a vacuum to collect water off of the road


4.) Long term, cost saving solution. 

While it is true that electrical equipment generally costs more to purchase initially, there are many cost saving measures that happen down the line. You just have to be prepared to make that initial investment. Not only are the maintenance costs reduced, such as those we mentioned above, but there are other advantages to consider as well. 

One of the biggest advantages is that electric equipment doesn’t use gas. It is no secret that fuel costs are through the roof currently and have been for some time. While the price has dropped a little in the past few months, it is sure to rise again once the summer months come around. Investing in electric equipment or heavy machinery is going to pay off for you in the grand scheme of things and save you a lot of money for the long term.


5.) Reduced carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses.

Last but certainly not least, switching your equipment to electric can significantly reduce your carbon emissions and greenhouse gas pollution. Government entities, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, are beginning to more heavily regulate the use of heavy machinery and equipment because of the carbon footprint that they leave behind. At this time, it is impossible to fully eliminate the use of fossil fuels and combustion engines, such as those needed to run vacuum trucks. However, as more advanced technology is introduced and implemented, this could be a great way to help protect the environment.

For now, however, using electric vehicles, machinery, and other equipment where you can will do wonders for reducing your business’s carbon footprint. Just make sure that you stay mindful of government regulations as changes are being made and new laws are being passed about usage and emissions. 


High Quality Vacuum Trucks

Even if vacuum trucks aren’t currently electric, making sure that you are buying high quality equipment can really help. Old, outdated vacuum trucks are typically not fuel efficient and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep, including frequent oil changes. This can cause your business to hemorrhage money and cost you more than necessary at the pump each week. 

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