4 Tips to Help You Purchase the Right Vacuum Truck

A vacuum truck in operation outdoors

When investing in the equipment you need for your business, it is important to make sure you are buying the right products. The moment you begin to research vacuum trucks for sale, it won’t take you long to realize that they aren’t cheap. They are an investment in your business and one that you should take seriously. It can be tempting to just buy one of the first ones you see so you can get up and running, but this isn’t always the wisest decision. 

Before purchasing a vacuum truck, there are some key things you need to keep in mind. Today, our team here at FlowMark has created an outline that can help you with your next big business purchase.


Tip #1: Identify what your needs are.

One of the first things you will want to consider is what exactly your needs are because vacuum trucks are not one size fits all! Try asking a few of these questions:

  • What operations and functions do you want your vacuum truck to be able to perform? 
  • Do you plan on specializing in cleaning grease traps, such as those at restaurants? 
  • Or do you want to service portable restrooms? 
  • Are you hoping to be able to assist municipalities in various clean up operations around the city or county?

As you can tell, there are many possibilities and functions of a vacuum truck. Keeping these goals in mind are necessary prior to purchasing one of the many vacuum trucks for sale. Taking the time to identify these needs will allow you to feel more confident in your purchase. 


Tip #2: Set up a budget

Once again, try not to let the price of a vacuum truck deter you from making a purchase. The price point might be high, but so is the return on investment! Ensuring that you have a proper budget lined out before going to buy will allow you to make sure that you’re getting exactly the machine you need – nothing more, nothing less. 

If number crunching isn’t your area of expertise, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your team! Talk to your supervisor or team leads and determine what your needs are, as mentioned above. From there, consult the books and discuss price points and payment plans with your company’s secretary or financial officer. When working together, you will be able to come up with a viable solution that works best for the whole business. 

When looking for vacuum trucks for sale, it helps to have a budget in mind

Tip #3: Double check your timing.

There is an old adage that goes, ‘timing is everything’, and that concept certainly applies to purchasing vacuum trucks and other necessary equipment. To get the right machine for the right price, you will have to practice a little patience. In an effort to get it over with, you might rush into a bad deal and this will leave you stuck with subpar equipment or in a contract that you didn’t fully understand. Even if you are at your wit’s end and frustrated with the buying process, take a deep breath and sleep on it prior to signing your name on the dotted line. 

Another thing to consider as far as timing is to remember tax years and if you need a tax break. Talk to your accountant about your finances and taxes prior to making a purchase. If you could benefit from a tax write off this year before it comes to an end, then see if you can make it happen in the remaining days of 2022!


Tip #4: Purchase from a reputable dealer.

When researching where to buy vacuum trucks for sale, you want to give your money to a reputable dealer. You will be able to tell right away if this place is shady or seems illegitimate. For example, they might beat around the bush when it comes to pricing or financing options, or they might not be forthcoming about various details of the vacuum truck or contract. If that happens, make sure you head for the hills and don’t come back!

A good way to help determine the reputation of a dealership is to look into the company first even prior to contacting them. The internet is a great tool for this! In this day and age, any legitimate company is going to have a website that highlights their products, their team, their working hours, and even provide some background information on who they are and what they do. You can also use Google and social media sites to read reviews on the company. These come directly from past customers and can provide you with unbiased insight on whether or not they will be worth your time. If past customers leave any sort of warning to stay far away, it is best to take this advice and not find out first hand for yourself!


Contact FlowMark

If you are wanting to purchase from a reputable company that is going to set you up with a vacuum truck that meets your needs and can help you stay within your budget, then it’s time to contact FlowMark! Our vacuum trucks for sale are quality made right here in the heart of the United States. Once we receive the chassis, every aspect of the vacuum truck is American made and assembled at our Kansas City location with the help of our partnership with KC Tank.

Good customer service doesn’t end once your drive off the lot, however! FlowMark wants to be there for you every step of the way. From the moment you call in and request a quote, to months down the road after a purchase and you need a replacement part for your truck, we want to support you. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand what it takes to care for our customers.

To learn more about our vacuum trucks for sale, contact us today! We will hook you up with a quote even before you get off the phone, meaning you don’t have to wait around and waste time. Once you get in one of our trucks, we know you’ll see for yourself exactly what kind of difference FlowMark can make.