3 Things You Should Keep In Mind Before Purchasing a Septic Pump Truck

A man uses a vacuum truck to clean out a portable restroom

When you are on the hunt for a new septic pump truck to add to your fleet, it is important to make a wise, well thought out selection. After all, this purchase is a big one, and good equipment doesn’t come cheap. You are investing in a tool for your business, one that will serve as a major lifeline for your operation. You want something that is well made, and feel confident knowing that your employees are operating a safe and solid piece of machinery. 

Unfortunately, this industry isn’t without its fair share of scammers or people trying to offload used equipment, passing it off as new. A fresh paint job on a vacuum truck is fine and dandy, but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. 

So, before you head out and start looking at different types of septic pump trucks for sale, what are some key things you need to know? We have created this easy list to help give you the answers.


#1: Take Your Time

Hey, we get it! We know that you are eager to get started and get a new piece of equipment up and rolling. Whether you are just beginning to build your fleet of trucks or this is going to be another addition, either way, it is important to take your time when making a decision. When checking to see if a vacuum truck manufacturer is reputable, look at some of the following:


Read Google Reviews:

What past customers have to say about a company speaks volumes about that business. People will leave reviews about their experience overall – how quickly various pieces of the transaction were handled, how they were treated throughout the process, and how happy they were with the vacuum truck they purchased. Here at FlowMark, we are proud to have a 4.5/5 star review on Google!


Word of Mouth:

Sometimes, the best way to do business is to check around with fellow colleagues in the industry. Ask them where they made their previous purchases, or who they think to steer far away from. For the most part, people aren’t afraid to share information like this, especially if they themselves have had a bad experience in the past. 


The Better Business Bureau:

If there is one resource that will not let you down, it is the BBB – the Better Business Bureau. Check reviews on their website or give them a call. If any complaints have come in about fraud, scams, or poor business practices, they will be up front about that information.


Trust Your Gut:

To be honest, there are few times where your gut feeling or intuition is going to lead you astray. If you are looking at a truck, or talking to a rep, and you feel like something is off or just isn’t sitting right – walk away. You don’t need to explain yourself, either. If the person becomes very pushy or offended when you say you just want to sleep on it, that is another red flag, and should solidify your choice to keep looking elsewhere. 


#2: Prepare for a Down Payment

Once you have found a reputable dealer, it’s time for the next step. Just like when purchasing a car for personal use or something along those same lines, you need to have a down payment ready for when you purchase septic pump trucks. If you are already pre approved or financed through a bank, that’s great! 

Or, if you are setting up a payment plan through the manufacturer, know that you need to have around 15-20% ready to put down. This is usually the standard percentage. If a dealer or seller is asking you for more, such as 50%, that can serve as a red flag. Once again, this is the time to trust your gut. Until your signature is down on paper, you are free to walk away.


#3: Have Everything Clearly Written Out

A verbal agreement and a handshake don’t hold up like they once did. When it comes to making a contract or a purchase agreement, you need to lay everything out on paper and review each and every line item, right down to the very last nut and bolt. Account for everything: the model, the year, pump size, chassis, valves, hoses, number of miles on the vehicle, etc. 

Once the contract is drawn up, make sure to carefully read through other items, such as if there is a specified delivery or pick up date, or what type of warranty it comes with. Ask questions like, ‘what kind of services do you provide after I drive off the lot?’. Here at FlowMark, we want our customers to stay in touch with us regarding any problems or concerns they may encounter along the way so that we can provide continued support. Any other reputable vacuum truck manufacturer should feel the same way. 

A sale contract and a penWrap Up

Purchasing septic pump trucks for your business is a huge investment, and you want to be sure that you are getting the most out of every single dollar. Just like any other business investment, getting the right equipment for the job requires patience and research, ensuring that you are going to make a purchase from a trustworthy and honest company. The last thing you want is to put one of your valued employees behind the wheel of something that is poorly assembled. Read reviews, talk to peers, and check in with the BBB. Not only that, but prepare for a down payment and be ready to go over the contract with a fine tooth comb. These are the best ways to prepare to make a purchase.

Here at FlowMark, we truly value our customers and take pride in what we do. We strive to put the best vacuum trucks on the market and sell them at an affordable price. Our American-made machines are built to last, and are assembled right here in the heart of the US. We also value supporting our customers every step of the way, including long after the ink from their signature has dried on the contact.