2 Cutting Edge Machines We Use at FlowMark: Laser Cutter and Press Brake

Cut sheets of metal for vacuum trucks made at Flowmark with laser cutter

How your product is made makes all the difference when actually implementing it into your daily routine. In our line of work, vacuum trucks are the essential tool you need to be able to run any sort of septic tank or grease trap business. There comes peace of mind in knowing you are operating your business with a high-quality, American-made machine. With this sort of assurance, you are able to focus on what really matters: taking care of your customers and saving money in the long haul.

Here at Flowmark, we know how important it is to be customer-oriented. When we do things in an efficient and timely manner, we are able to save money which in turn, passes along the cost savings to our customers.

So how do we make it happen? The answer is simple: by doing it all in-house. Rather than outsourcing any element of our manufacturing process, we take care of each step, down to the last detail, right here on-site in Kansas City. We are able to do this because of two large investments: our hydraulic press brake and our precision laser cutter.

Flowmark worker checking bent metal pieces made by press break machine

Hydraulic Press Brake

Some of our competitors choose to use a manual hand press while others simply opt to have pre-fab parts shipped in as part of their assembly process. At Flowmark, we don’t do either of those. Rather, we value efficiency, and we trust only ourselves to meet our own high standard of quality. Because of this fact, we choose to utilize a hydraulic press brake. 

This machine allows us to break all of our metal pieces on-site, ensuring that they are the perfect fit for our vacuum trucks. The hydraulic press brake doesn’t just do all the work automatically, though, as it is still operated by a highly skilled and well-trained technician. This tech also double-checks each piece by hand, measuring it from all angles to ensure that every piece is the right size and bent at the proper proportions.  

With these combined efforts of both manpower and computer automation, we are able to produce a product that is top-of-the-line and fit to bear our company name as well as hold our tanks.


Precision Laser Cutter

Another great machine we have in-house is our precision laser cutter. When it comes to making the frames for our tanks, or even the tanks themselves, it can be very difficult to make all the proper cuts if doing it by hand. Some of the holes could even be as small in diameter as a pencil, and some large enough to fit specific tubing. 

Have you ever tried to cut out a perfect circle? Even with a steady hand, it can be nearly impossible and cost dozens of hours in labor and manpower. However, with our laser cutter, we are able to bring machine precision into the mix. 

In one fell swoop, our trained technician is able to run the metal through the machine. In just a matter of minutes, the lasers work to cut the metal and produce a perfectly calibrated piece. Thanks to this, we know that it is specifically designed to fit not only our trucks but every single detail that goes on them, right down to the smallest hose. 


Better Together

Flowmark has also changed the game by combining forces with KC Tank. We realized that the only way to produce the best vacuum truck on the market is by working together to create a wholly American-made piece of machinery, so that’s exactly what we did. Why outsource what we could build together?

Not only do we share a shop, but we also share a core set of values as well. Both businesses have been brought up on the five pillars of customer service: quality, efficiency, reliability, affordability, and availability. These aren’t just gimmicks or buzzwords for us. In fact, our partnership strengthens our product within every single one of these five aspects.


Quality & Quantity 

It is a hard fact, not any sort of exaggeration or misrepresentation: we produce 250-260 vacuum trucks each and every year with plans to keep increasing that number annually as we expand and grow. While some might look at this statement and think that we have sacrificed quality for quantity, rest assured that assumption is completely incorrect. It is because of our dedication to quality that we are able to produce at this rate. 

Thanks to our partnership with KC Tank, we don’t have to wait around on shipments, or for other manufacturers to produce what we need. Once we receive an order from our customer, we turn around and make it all happen. No excuses, no misorders, no invoices or orders lost in a random junk mail folder – not on our watch! 

Also, our trucks don’t stick around just the Kansas City area. Flowmark vacuum trucks are being used in essential services all across the United States, an accomplishment we are extremely proud of. This tells us that buyers aren’t just picking something close, answering to any ad about a septic truck for sale. Rather, they are taking the time and doing the research before finding that our vacuum trucks, assembled right here in the heartland, are truly worth the investment.


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